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Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is done on a large cushioned floor mat, fully clothed. It is used to structurally align the body, working with connective tissues (ie tendons, ligaments, fascia etc.), muscles and assisted stretching. Thai Yoga Massage is very hands-on and includes deep compression, twisting, and other massage techniques. Please wear clothing that will allow the body to move and stretch easily.

Appointments are available at our Historic Draper location:

12587 S Fort St, Draper, UT 84020

Massage Therapists

Baylee Square

Baylee Franklin

Baylee is a compassion-led Licensed Massage Therapist who focuses on the mind-body connection in her practice. With training in medical massage, myofascial release, traditional Thai massage and Reiki. Baylee is dedicated to helping find the root of discomfort, encouraging the body into a space of peace and balance.

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