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Baylee Franklin (she/her)

Baylee is a compassion-led Licensed Massage Therapist who focuses on the mind-body connection in her practice. Baylee started noticing the relationship between bodywork and trauma healing during her schooling which catalyzed her own healing journey. Since then she has personally found relief and transformation from bodywork, EMDR, breathwork, and sound healing.

Recognizing the impact that safe human touch and relief from pain and dis-ease can have on one's overall well-being, Baylee is committed to helping individuals find balance and feel at home in their own bodies. With training in medical massage, myofascial release, traditional Thai massage and Reiki. Baylee is dedicated to helping find the root of discomfort, encouraging the body into a space of peace and balance. In her spare time, Baylee enjoys spending time in nature, eating good food, and connecting with loved ones.

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