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Palmer hawkins (he/him)

Palmer currently serves as the VP of Operations for a global organization and has served in various director-level and managerial roles during his career. With his leadership experience and an MBA and a Master's in Engineering from the University of Utah, Palmer has the training and experience to craft a guiding vision, create effective strategies, and solve complex problems.

Palmer is always learning and continuing to expand personally and professionally, but his greatest passion lies in helping others to accomplish their goals. He guides clients through structured growth phases, assisting them as they unlock their full potential and build the life and career they've always dreamed of. 

Palmer enjoys staying physically active through sports and outdoor activities. In his spare time, he plays the drums, listens to audiobooks religiously, and writes professional pieces and fiction. More than anything, Palmer enjoys spending time with his family. Palmer is especially gifted with patience in supporting and coaching his daughter who has autism. Those close to Palmer appreciate his optimism, his great laugh, his ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and his mental endurance.

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