Megan F

Megan Felsch (she/her)

Megan is currently a practicum student from the University of Utah. She will be graduating with a Master’s of Social Work Degree in May 2024. Megan’s background consists of working in the social work field for over 13 years with various populations in different settings such as supporting individuals with disabilities, those needing support through the child welfare system, and individuals struggling with substance use, mental health concerns, and those experiencing domestic violence.

Megan is particularly interested in working with the perinatal population due to the gap in support she has seen in those struggling before, during, or after pregnancy, and the impact that lack of support and community connection can have on parents and children.

Megan was originally drawn to becoming a therapist because of her own experience with identity formation and exploring the meaning of life in the context of self, family, community, and spirituality. As she began deconstructing and rebuilding her own belief system around faith and religion, she discovered faith transitions for most people are a lonely journey but wants others to know it doesn’t have to be.

In addition to working with the perinatal population and those experiencing faith or religious concerns, Megan also supports the LGBTQIA+ population, couples who are navigating relationship struggles, those practicing ethical non-monogamy, those who are neurodivergent, and those who have experienced trauma in various forms. Along with being LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity affirming, she has completed or is currently completing training in several modalities, including the Gottman Method, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Internal Family Systems.

In her spare time, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog, Zim, and especially loves being in nature and taking her dog to explore on walks. She loves to play Dungeons & Dragons and has been in the same D&D group for years. She loves to try new foods and new restaurants. She also loves to travel and explore places she's never been to before. She also enjoys going to concerts and often spends a lot of her spare time at concerts, especially metal music concerts.

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