Hannah Wankier (she/her)

Hannah Wankier is in the final year of the Master of Social Work program at the University of Utah and will graduate May of 2023. Hannah comes to Chapters & Seasons with a variety of volunteer and work experiences ranging from supporting youth and their families in foster care, political action work, supporting hospice patients, and teaching yoga to adolescent girls at a residential treatment facility. 

Hannah’s interest in social work and healing practices was rekindled after personally experiencing a traumatic birth, her daughter’s NICU stay, and a challenging postpartum experience. Her primary goal in working at Chapters & Seasons is to provide mental health care at the vulnerable time before, during, and after pregnancy. She is passionate about building community and treating clients in the context of the systems that surround them. 

In addition to working with the perinatal population, Hannah is also passionate about supporting the queer community, those experiencing a faith crisis/transition, and those facing grief and loss of any kind. Hannah also has been trained in EMDR and sees clients with a wide variety of traumas. Hannah approaches each of her clients with non-judgement and humility and believes that the client is the expert on their own lived experience. The client leads the way on their own treatment and Hannah is there to provide a safe place to land for people experiencing life’s most difficult hurdles. 

Hannah is also a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and plans to use her expertise to bridge the gap between movement, talk therapy, and community advocacy. Her yoga approach is from a gentle, accessible, healing lens. Hannah honors the wealth of millennia-old, indigenous wisdom and believes modern clinicians can learn from and give credit to the original thinkers. Therapy, spirituality, and social justice are inseparable in Hannah’s view. 

Before social work, Hannah’s first love was music and she has been in a number of musicals and operas throughout her life. Hannah is also an animal lover and has a dog and hedgehog. She enjoys hiking and playing video games in her free time. Hannah enjoys her personal yoga practice and studying yogic philosophy.

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