Darci Laidlaw (she/her)

Darci is an enthusiastic writer and intuitive thinker, empathic & people-oriented. She grew up in Montana and moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, studying English and marketing communications. She is a single mother of 6 children, and 16+ years of motherhood continually proves a particularly instructive and humbling education. She enjoys music from a vast assortment of genres, is positively in love with the mountainous beauty of Utah, and finds her greatest joy spending time with her kids and her loved ones.

While experiencing the grief and loss that comes with marital separation and divorce, Darci eagerly sought connection and support through various mental health resources. She discovered writing was not only a creative strength, but a source of productive processing and healing. She reached out online to connect with others who were experiencing divorce and loss, and was eventually invited to assist in writing for and moderating an online support group for divorced women. 

Darci is passionate about the idea that healing comes through connection: with others, with self, and with any higher or universal power that brings meaning and peace to individuals. Sharing light and hope is a purpose she finds great purpose in. She’s thrilled for the opportunity to offer her capacities as the Community Care Coordinator and to contribute to the mission of Chapters and Seasons.

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